Black Diamond Real Estate

Because we are a small firm by design, we are personally involved in every step of the buying and selling process, from listings to showings and from contracts to closings. When you have any questions, you deal directly with us.
This past spring my wife, Mary Staton, and I showed a condo in Burlington that was listed for sale as having two bedrooms. In preparation for the showing we pulled the original MLS listing when the co
The primary reasons why a home doesn’t sell are location, condition, financing, marketing, and price.  Location is the only factor in which no one has any control over since it cannot be cha
A hypothetical condition is an assumption made contrary to fact, but which is assumed for the purpose of forming an opinion of value.  The most common example of a hypothetical assumpti
Before I entered the appraisal profession I was a new home sales agent for Coldwell Banker HPW, Better Homes & Garden, representing John Wieland Homes, First Oakland Properties, and C. Richard Dob
Ever wonder how most real estate investors determine how much to pay for an investment property?  The most common method used is called the Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM).  To determine the GRM
My wife and I were representing a buyer to purchase a remodeled home in the county on well and septic.  After our buyer entered into a contract to buy their home, we discovered through a septic i
An extraordinary assumption is an assumption which if found to be false could alter the opinion or conclusion of an appraiser’s opinion of value.  An example of an extraordinary assumption is tha
A common dilemma many buyers face is whether to buy their new home first or sell their existing home first. If you don’t need to sell your home in order to buy your next home, then buying first is the
This day started off like most any day when I was appraising full time.  I jumped into my Yukon XL with my clipboard, file folder, Sony Mavica disk camera, pencil, trusty 100’ tape measure,
One morning when I was first getting started in real estate sales, I received a call from an older retired man looking to get his home appraised.  I asked what the purpose of the appraisal was fo
How does one decide what name to choose when going out on their own to start a new business?  After all, it may be the easiest yet one of the most difficult decisions to make when starting a comp